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  • Stylist Advice- Dressing a Very Petite Hourglass Figure

    Salma Hyak

    When we start to struggle with our figure & style it’s best to discover a body type muse for some style inspiration…

    I chose Salma Hayak as the muse for my reader who wants to know how to dress a petite hourglass figure. Read on-

    Q:Dear Sharon: Hi Sharon, I am in my early twenties and am having trouble finding age-appropriate clothing because of my size. I am 5’2 and about 115 pounds with an extreme hourglass figure, 37-23.5-36.

    I get a lot of very basic pieces from the juniors and girls sections of stores, but really have trouble finding any other clothes that fit and look good on me without making me look 12 or 85. The smallest size in department store petites sections (usually a 4) is guaranteed to be about 3 to 4 inches too big in the waist or cut for a frail grandmother.

    My petite and curvy reader

    My petite and curvy reader

    There are a few stores that I know to go to so I have some clothes. I frequent all of the GAP Inc. stores because their 0 and 2 petites fit well and are well stocked. Also, I like Ann Taylor and J. Crew, but my size there, 00 and XXS, is elusive.

    What are some more good places for petite women, especially my age? I want to look like an attractive young woman, not a kid or a mom or a grandma. Do you have any other tips for dressing a petite, curvy figure?

    I’m including a (okay) full body pic to give you an idea of my general shape.  (C.S. via Fashion Advice)

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    So, you’re a BOMBSHELL! I think you could use a bit of style inspiration for dressing your petite hourglass figure  finding a muse in the gorgeous, forever stylish, curvy and 5’2″ Selma Hayek pictured above.  I dare to say that La Hayek never looks 12 or 85, just sophisticated and always hot.

    You see, it’s not really where you shop but what you try on.

    Understanding what silhouettes work on you is half the battle for getting dressed. When you are abound with curves, clothing that screams trendy, tight and teeny-bopper reads sleazy and clothes that are too bland look dowdy. You need to discover the perfect mix of shapes to flatter.

    Curvy girls with very small midsections almost always need a tailor to take in the waist of their pants for a proper fit. It’s just the reality. Look for style with a bit of lycra stretch to be more accommodating, and a quick nip and tuck at the tailor will make for a better fit.

    • Show off curves in a body skimming dress with an open neckline to balance your figure
    • Spotlight curves while elongating your frame with this colorblocked bodycon dress
    • A spider web knit is edgy and stretchy without being too clingy.
    • Asymmetrical lines are elongating and the open neckline with a T-shirt underneath is great for minimizing your bustline
    • A girly fit and flare style dress keeps curves in balance
    • A fitted, but not clingy, V-neck top draws the eye vertically to create a longer figure
    • Feminine style flirty skirt dresses emphasize your small waist
    • Form fitting skirts in graphic, yet clean prints, strategically minimize curves
    • A cinched and belted waist with a full skirt and fitted or strapless top balances your figure
    • Bias & laser cut tops craze rather hug your frame to create a longer line

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    Photo: Emiley Schweich / PR Photos and reader provided

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