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  • Season Shifters: Fall clothing for a warm climate

    Theory Dress - Avrex Georgette at Bloomingdale's

    Q:Dear Sharon: How to dress for fall when you live in an area that’s always hot?  Louisiana weather is always balmy, hot, and humid so changing to a seasonal wardrobe can get tricky when you  desire fall clothing for a warm climate. (via twitter)

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     Good point. I’m having my own seasonal issues. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and about to pack for a trip to a hot climate– with super cold conference room air conditioning to boot. Honestly, there is NOTHING that gets me more discombobulated than doing a last-minute season switch for travel. I feel like I’m on rewind from what clothes I’ve finally put behind me to drag them out and have to rethink them again.

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    So, what I do is imagine a “what if” of what I wear now in the fall mixed with transitional touches to keep my head in the present season and my clothing geared to the warm weather.

    Fabrics like jersey, georgette, cotton knits, and silk are fairly seasonless, particularly when in the “right” colors. It’s best to keep to lightweight fabrics but switch the colors to a less summery palette when you live in (or visit)  a non four season environment and are trying to get a seasonal switch.  Chalky whites and soft pales can look too tropical so opt for more neutral colors, clear primary colors, or dusky lighter tones that don’t scream summer.

     Then add some light layers to create more autumn mood without getting heavy. A simple lateral change from bare legs to black tights, like in the picture above, instantly creates a more fall vibe to a sleeveless dress.

    Once you have the less summary colors to ground you and set the mood, you can try switching out summer sandals for crisp boots or booties as another lateral change. Wrap a big lightweight scarf to create more volume.

    Change your makeup to a more autumnal palette and you may even consider a richer color for your hair. There you go. Not so hard. Now, I’ve gotta pack…

    Here are a some ideas to wear for fall in warm climate…

    JUST ASK: Do you need some quick stylist help to amp up your style?  Email us for Fashion Advice.

    Lead Photo: Theory Dress – Avrex Georgette at Bloomingdale’s

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