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  • Stylist Advice- Is there a rule about mixing metallics?

    Pierre Hardy Mixed metallic leather-patterned suede ankle boots

    Can this reader pull off mixing metallics all in one outfit?

    qDear Sharon: O.K, I have a question about metallics. There is this fairly new gold/silver color I love. I have purses, I have sweaters, I have shoes, I have tops with it stitched in etc.

    I know there is a “double denim” rule but I am not sure about metallics. For example, one day I wore metallic shoes an embellished top and a sweater, they all matched, but it occurred to me it might be an overkill. What is your opinion doubling down on metallics? (L.T. via Fashion Advice)

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    That’s a toughy. First off,  there is no real rule about mixing metallics, or piling them on.  It is more a matter of achieving an elegant & chic look without looking like an escapee from the set of “Dynasty.”

    If YOU think it’s overkill, it probably is.

    Mixed metallics is very much on trend, but better off when the combination of metals is in ONE piece, like the to die for Pierre Hardy Mixed metallic leather-patterned suede ankle boots at the top.

    There’s a subtle way of strategically combining metallics so they  blend together in a subtle way that’s better than the whole. Sounds complicated? Yeah, sort of. And best left to the hands of a designer who pre-packaged the look for you unless you are VERY adept at style. If not? The result can be tacky.

    When you are purposely combining metals, it looks best when they are worn together to form the appearance of ONE piece, like a collection of copper, silver, gold bangle bracelets.

    You NEVER want to wear a shiny silver bag with shiny gold shoes… it will just look like a mistake. What you can do is to combine metallics in different finishes that don’t compete with each other or try to look matchy-matchy.

    As far as wearing A LOT of the same metallic at once, like a bag, shoes, belt, nail polish, sweater, and a fake tooth for good measure (ok, that one is a joke),  I have two words for you: Tin Man.

    Don’t go crazy or go overboard. If do you wear a lot of metallics at once , show some skin or combine with a neutral to break it up. It’s a balancing act, for sure.

    Oh, and about that denim “rule,” you can combine denims if they aren’t meant to look like and outfit and have something to break them up. Kinda like the metallics “rule,” if you think about it.

    Easy-Peasy: I pulled some gorgeous pieces that already combine mixed metallics:



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    Featured Photo: Pierre Hardy Mixed metallic leather-patterned suede ankle boots

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