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  • Stylist Advice- Naomi Campbell masters wearing brown and black Roberto Cavalli, here’s how

    Naomi Campbell masters wearing brown and black Roberto Cavalli

    I’ll Have What She’s Having: Old school rule breaking that keeps you looking all the more chic…

    As this crazy mild winter transitions towards spring, we are not quite ready to don the brights yet are still not wanting to be buried in heavy hues… unless artfully combined, that is.

    Let’s start with a simple disclaimer: There are FEW woman who can wear a skirt as short and hair as long past 40 other than supermodel Naomi Campbell- the woman has a bod carved out of stone, for sure.

    >> EASY STYLE: How to wear brown and black

    Naomi Campbell masters wearing brown and black Roberto Cavalli with ease as both pieces though stylish, aren’t meant to make a blaring statement.

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    Here’s how to make wearing brown and black together work for you:

    • Look for pieces that are unadorned & fuss-free -keep it simple
    • Find pieces with a beautiful cut and fabrication such as Campbell’s structured leather jacket
    • Keep an eye on proportion as her skirt highlights ample leg & gives the look a break with its sheerness
    • Choose more classic minded pieces
    • Keep hair, make-up & accessories to a low
    • Take note of how Campbell’s skirt & jacket share a similar fabrication which keeps the look appearing more synchronized
    Consider these Brown & Black alternatives available online now:

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    Photo: Robert Cavalli

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