Stylist Advice- What is Italian street chic?

Italian street chic is one vibrant source of inspiration that’s worth giving a go when looking to give your look a playful yet grown-up sense of whimsy…

qDear FocusOnStyle: What is Italian street chic? I am going to a event where this style of dressing in required. Please help. Grazie -P.G (M.C via Fashion Advice)


Unlike the timeless simplicity of quintessential French Chic, a quick scan through Italian street style images sets one thing for certain; the Italians do have more fun with it and a zest for the livelier sartorial options.

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While shoes and accessories are on the more playful, glamorous side (think high and shiny), what’s the most distinctive about Italian street style is both their adoration of color and throwbacks to elegant, ladylike shapes (think riotous hues and a-line skirts).

So, keep your upper half fitted, your lower half voluminous and your heels strappy and high to show some skin. Wear saturated hues you might not normally think of and pile the prints on. Have fun with it and remember that a sense of sophistication and playful spirit are what make Italian street stylers stand out from any crowd. And if all else fails, use an animal print in a grown-up silhouette to liven the party up. Divertimento!

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