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  • SUGAR COAT DADDY… Effortless Outerwear That’s High On Rugged Men’s Style

    asos mnes navy coat

    Effortless Outerwear That’s High On Rugged Men’s Style

    Typically, there’s a Catch-22 to watching men’s fashion shows. If the clothes are wearable, the show is boring. If the runway show is exciting, the clothes can be over-the-top for a regular guy to wear in real life. Like any trend, you need to distill the essence of the catwalk look until you are at ease with it.

    Outerwear is a major purchase, so when cost is a concern, it is wise to consider something that you can wear for at least a couple of seasons and shy away from anything too trendy that will surely scream, “last year”. Look at the classic lines of the ASOS navy coat, pictured for a timeless example.

    Look for cutting-edge comfortable classics that have a hint of a gentleman’s touch with a sprinkle of modern urban sensibility. A single-breasted sleek shearling knee-length coat in a dark color will last a lifetime. A natural shouldered charcoal lean coat that provides ample room for a blazer to be worn underneath, but still just skims the body, fashionably endures.

    The BCBG Max Azria fall collection was described as having “an Englishman in New York feel, sans the bowler hat”… what that means are carcoats with a laser cut for of-the-moment chic and a general Michael Caine air of coolness. Get the picture?

    For a hip, sporty look how about a motorcycle racing jacket? Nah, not the bulky one with heavy zippers that were sooo hot about ten years ago, but the slim ones with just the right amount of quilted details and a spare amount of zips. Claiborne C2.O from Liz Claiborne has a mondo cool Helmut Lang-inspired one, complete with a requisite padded elbow.

    When you want absolute urban refinement, look to the Sean John Collection collection from Sean “Puffy” Combs. From a black pony skin placket coat to a great light blue nylon snorkel jacket this is one of the chicest celebrity-designed collections. Ah, Puff Daddy’s guys wear diamonds and lots of them. Hey, you don’t hear Jennifer Lopez complaining?

    Shorten a hoodie parka to hip-length, make it in earth colored leather, and you have the recipe for urban meets downtown style thanks to Pelle Pelle Marc Buchanan (click for stores).

    If you are not a snowboarder, you can just look like one. Boarder jackets, like from Quicksilver or Burton, have all the techie accoutrements (GORP) to be lightweight, keep you warm, and the styling is guaranteed to be way cool on or off the slopes.

    Whatever style coat or jacket you choose, be sure the styling suits your lifestyle physique, and attitude. No matter how fashionably in something is if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, you simply look awkward. Gentleman, downtown hip, urban chic, boarder cool, the inspiration is yours. Stay cool, be warm, and dress with confidence.

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