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  • How To Select Sunglasses For Your Face Shape – Video Tips

    Eyewear Tips from the Women’s Sunglasses by Face Shape with Sharon Haver video series at Barney’s New York for series…

    Of course Barney’s New York has the most cutting-edge, fashion sunglasses around. What what good is a gorgeous pair of sunglasses when they don’t flatter your face? Do watch this installment of my how-to style series for and learn the ins and out to select the best sunglasses for your face shape.--S.H.

    Shopping for sunglasses can be a daunting task with so many looks and trends on the racks. See what to look for in color and shape so that the sunglasses you buy compliment your face nicely.

    Proportioning Sunglasses to Face Shape

    The easiest way to find the best shaped face for you is to think of a sunglass as being the opposite of your face shape. Even though there are hard and fast rules for what shape sunglasses flatters what shape face it doesn’t mean you need to abide by them. You need to think about them and adjust because people’s eyes are different sizes, nose, ears, your proportion of your forehead so you need to look at the exact same shape as your face and go the polar opposite. But, then, also, somehow adapt it to what suits your individual face. To look fashionable and look stylish it’s really all about tweaking and what we’re going to learn now are different ways to tweak glasses just to suit you. But always remember don’t go by that one shape. Figure out which one looks best for you.

    Oval Shaped Faces and Sunglasses

    Ok, we’re here now with Nora King, our model, and Nora is a model so obviously she’s both gorgeous and has a pretty oval shaped faced which means she’s lucky enough to wear most style sunglasses because she’s an oval. And your goal with finding the right sunglass to suit your face is to try to create a more of an oval appearance. So, this is beautiful for her because it’s square. And she is also oval but is also slightly ever so slightly round. So, the sharpness of the square frame kind of balances it and looks perfect on her. And also, if you’re thinking about colors on trend being her blouse is such a vivid clear color. Having the white glasses is a really beautiful contrast.

    But, what you want to think about when you’re looking at other trend colors is – here’s something else. This is kind of an ombre, and it’s a green and it’s also a sort of a similar color to Nora’s eyes. So, when you’re thinking about your color palette again think about colors that suit and flatter your complexion. And your skin tone and obviously since it’s the same color as her eyes it’s a no brainer that that would work. And then, we have this, which is kind of a kooky shape. It almost looks like a surreal kind of dolly. Sort of drip to it. But the thing that saves this is a very square bottom which makes it much easier to wear. And it’s in that flesh tone which is very popular this season. So, it looks beautiful on Nora and one of the reasons why also is because she has a fare complexion and that spotlights a sort of nice nude-ish color of the frame which could be difficult on other people.

    Petite Faces and Sunglasses

    We’re here with Andrea and Andrea’s beautiful and she has a very delicate face, she has very petite features and she’s also a little narrow in her chin. So, what we’d want to do to balance her face – she does love to wear big glasses and that’s fine. But, what we would do is we would choose a cat eye frame because you notice the cat eye is a little bit broader on top. If you’re thinking of an opposite shaped frame to suit your face, being that Andrea’s face is a little bit tiny at the bottom the shape that gets broader on top would suit her best.

    So, let’s see. So, if it’s the polar opposite you’ve got a narrow tiny jaw, and you can get a bigger frame that comes higher up and broadens your face and it kind of distracts from down here and it keeps you looking more in balance and in sync.

    Angular Faces and Sunglasses

    We’re here now with Heidi and one of the big trends are these round glasses. I kind of think of the famous architect IM Pei. They’re those 80’s almost Annie Hall round glasses. And they’re really cool when they’re worn correctly. And they’re really rather difficult to wear because they are so round. But, Heidi has a very angular face and also very delicate features. She’s really very pretty fine features which means that the round frame compliments her shaped face and also since her features re so tiny she can pull off this type of frame which is not that thick. It’s a large frame but it’s not a very bulky frame. And I think she looks great. Completely and totally on trend. And, she’s pulling off a look that is rather hard to do.

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