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  • My Super Expensive Gift Guide: If Money Was Not An Option Kinda Luxury Chic

    Alexander McQueen Embroidered silk-tulle off-the-shoulder gown $16,830

    Need not, want more..

    Since I hand-picked the Cute, Fun & Cheap Chic Holiday Gifts $50 and Under earlier, I thought it would be fun to SPIN the tables, to create the total #dreamlist in this Super Expensive Gift Guide.

    IF, money was not an option and all our bills and charitable endeavors were covered, of course…. whoosh, that make my woo woo woozy at the thought.

    Starting from the photo at the top, there’s the Alexander McQueen Embroidered silk-tulle off-the-shoulder gown at $16,830. A little busy, yes, But the workmanship is to die for. Ah, luxury.

    I’m sure the Gucci New Jackie Crocodile Shoulder Bag at $35,000 would be a go-to favorite for years to come. I’ve been admiring rings like the Tiffany Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring for $475,000 since I was a kid. One day.


    The Judy Geib Colombian Emerald & Amethyst Mosaic Cuff, above, at $29,760 definitely has my name on it. How about yours?

    All I ask is that you go gaga with me… savor my  picks for what will surely be iconic wardrobes pieces in your wardrobe, in the …

    SUPER EXPENSIVE GIFT GUIDE… click thru to the products and drool (that’s free):


    So, what’s on your dream list? Please comment below. Don’t forget to check out Cute, Fun & Cheap Chic Holiday Gifts $50 and Under

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