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  • Surgical Shoe Nightmare… Dressing up a cast for your foot

    Surgical Shoe Nightmare… Dressing up a cast for your foot

    Q:Surgical Shoe Nightmare… Dressing up a cast for your foot

    I just had foot surgery to remove a bone spur from my foot and have to wear a clunky surgical cast shoe until my foot heels. I’m attending my brother-in-law’s wedding and want to look chic even though I have the burden of wearing this monster of a big, black surgical shoe.

    My fear is that I look awkward and less stylish with this ugly, post-operative boot. I am not in the wedding party so I have some leeway as to what I’m wearing and was planning on wearing a fierce, above the knee, rose-colored pink sleeveless dress with matching jacket. Do I ditch this fashionable outfit for something longer to cover my feet or should I dress up my black cast boot? I’m still trying to style and profile. Any assistance would be sooo helpful. (Lawrenceville, GA)


    As painful as it may be to lug yourself around in a nasty looking surgical shoe, just think how painful that bone spur was and all the beautiful shoes that you will be able to wear once your foot completely heels. There is no point in hiding a cast of any kind- it’s there and that’s it, so deal with it as best as you can and make the most of everything else that you’ve got!

    You can funk up your cast if you like with some fancy decorations, but wear whatever styling shoe you like on your other foot. It really depends on your injury and the type of cast that you have, but I’ve seen women wearing one surgical shoe and one sexy heel—and they weren’t limping.

    Find a fabulous shoe that works with your outfit and also doesn’t put your healing foot at risk and go with it. The short amount of time that you’re stuck wearing the surgical shoe is nothing compared to your future of not having a pesky bone spur. Don’t forget a pedicure!

    –May 16, 2006

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