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  • GStyle Google Fashion Secret Is About To Be Revealed


    Think of this as a public service message to online fashion peeps: follow @thetonywangYou heard it here and will more than want to thank me (I hope)!At this point the information for the impeding GStyle launch is rather cryptic but this what I was able to get Tony Wang, the fashion blogger behind, man behind Youtube special projects, and the program lead of GStyle Google’s fashion venture to reveal.

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  • A LIFE In Fashion, Google source:life

    A LIFE In Fashion, Google source:life

    Google opens up LIFE magazine photo archives…What a wonderful way to be (further) addicted to your computer. Google is now indexing the photo archives of iconic LIFE magazine. By simply adding source:life to your search you can peruse the annals of some of the most amazing historic photography around. I particularly love the designer source:life search and the fashion source:life search while away the time spent on hold on with your friendly telephone reservationist.

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