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  • Retail Remedy: Target McQ pop up cheap chic

    Mc Q studded denim jacket

    High fashion, street-smart price they say…

    The billboards are up for Alexander McQueen McQ market, the Target pop up shop in NYC’s MeatPa district (that’s meatpacking for you out-of-towners) just in time for Fashion Week and as a sweet preview to the budget fashion line’s March 4th online debut.

    From a fast look at some of the styles online, thankfully this high fashion to the masses extravaganza does NOT appear to have that same aura of… shall we call it, crap?

    Target McQ billboards

    Yes, there I have said it.

    Sorry to be the naysayer in all this designer down-branding, but on the few times that I have actually seen some of these “designer” retail giant lines in the flesh, they looked like some cheesy plastic rip-off of an otherwise lovely design– yeah, yeah, you know what plastic handbags I mean.

    Yes, after some time on a photoshoot in the hands of a very talented crew, almost anything can be made to look good in a photograph… I sure did that as a stylist, but is it really deserving of your hard-earned money? Nah, better off to buy something of better quality without the perceived faux designer allure that merits your wearing it.

    But, this McQ line does look good, particularly the studded denim jacket… let’s hope this is budget fashion worth the budget.

    –February 3, 2009

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