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  • Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Who Wears A Stunning Black Cocktail Dress for Twilight Eclipse Photo Call

    "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Rome Photocall

    Lets’ look at how gorgeous, how timeless, how ravishing and sophisticated Kristen Stewart looks in her very major LBD at the Rome (who wouldn’t glow just to be in Rome?) photo call for “The Twilight Saga- Eclipse“.

    This is a wake-up call to the too skimpy, too short, too tight, orange-tanned, skyscraper platforms that you can’t walk in set. To the girls out there who glop

    Gorgeous sheer back on Kristen Stewart's dress

    Gorgeous sheer back on Kristen Stewart’s dress

    onto every trend just because IT is in style and instead of looking like the fashionista (the word makes me shiver in this case) you think you are, you end up looking CHEAP.

    >> Watch my tips on How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

    BTW: Taylor Lautner looks like a “real” movie star and not a slouch too!

    So the next time you attempt to put on a dress that’s the length of a blouse, please pause and say, “Would I look as amazing as Kristen?’ Put the dress down, lighten up on the spray tan, and you too can look chic, polished and put together.

    We pulled a few little black cocktail dresses in the style of the one that Kristen Stewart wore to help you out:

    Photographer: Insidefoto / PR Photos

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