The Real Housewives of New York City Gossip From Brad Boles

Part 1: Lunch with Jill Zarin’s ôGay Husbandö serves up some tasty dish… meow!

Jill’s gay husband Brad gossips about the ladies… do you love it?
The catfights and the hugs. The bitchiness and the love. The scandals and the sincerity. Drama and glamour are all in an episode of ôThe Real Housewives of New York City.ö

Out of sight but not out of mind for the previous part of Season 3, image impresario and makeup artist Brad Boles, a.k.a. Jill Zarin’s ôgay husbandö on the show, shares some of his behind-the-scenes gossip on some of the hottest housewife dirt on TV.

You’ll see Brad on tonight’s blockbuster finale episode of the season and you’ll hear more from him as Brad joins FocusOnStyle as a featured Beauty Contributor. Don’t forget that Brad and I go way back, when it comes to being fabulous, he is your man. Stay tuned to stay gorgeous. — S.H.

Survival of the prettiest has been my business for over 30 years. I started my career as a make-up artist and imagist to some of the most famous faces in the world such as Reese Witherspoon, Gina Gershon, and REAL socialite Denise Rich. Beautiful, rich and glamorous women have always been attractive to me like honey to a bee for as long as I can remember!

I guess the mutual admiration starts with how I appear to these women as a stylish, well mannered, you can take me anywhere sort of guy. I’m the best lunch date you will ever have this side of L.A.! Lunch is always full of beauty tips, the where and how to get great style, and the really good gossip.

Most of you recognize me as Jill Zarin‘s ôgay husbandö on Bravo’s ôThe Real Housewives of New York Cityö for the past two seasons. Sorry that I wasn’t around much for Season 3 and it’s not for all the dishy reasons that so many gossipistas and dumb drag queens have been writingŚ yes, I did say that

I sent these over-the-top flowers from to Jill & Ally.

I sent these over-the-top flowers from to Jill & Ally.


One crazy theory is that Jill and I are not speaking because I was having an affair with her husband Bobby, NOTTTTTTTTT true!


Jill and I are very close. In fact, it was just Ally’s high school graduation and I sent the most over-the-top flowers from as a gift. Trust me, this is one of the best tips as I believe flowers keep us young!

These amazing flowers that can be ordered by subscription are the secret of every smart housewife as H. Bloom will refresh them for you every week for $35. I want to share them with you too so head to the end of the page for my special giveaway. How fabulous is that?!

I know that you want the gossip now so here you go with the dirty dish…

On Jill Zarin:

Jill, I love you but in the ôon thin iceö skating scene, what’s with your hair blend? And, yes, a blogger told Jill that if I had been there that wouldn’t have happened!

And to that rumor monger who wanted to know if Jill feeds me to her Chihuahua Ginger, don’t you think that the pooch would be a little bigger?!

On Ramona Singer:

As for Ramona, the rumor is she can’t stand me and demanded that they take me off the show. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I just received a lovely text from her wanting to get together for drinks. But Ramona, you need to stop crying in every other sceneŚ it’s not a good look.

On Bethenny Frankel:

It’s true that I was not invited to Bethenny’s wedding. Hey, we were never that close anyway and she hated my pink hatŚ which she never let me forget. So get over it! Bethenny and I did get a lot closer in Season 3 when all the Housewives started to gang up on her. I have juicy text from Bethenny about the mean spirit in Season 3– it truly was not fair.

On Countess Luann de Lesseps:

LuAnn and I missed each other by 12 hours in St. Topez last summer. I was stepping off a yacht and she was stepping onto one! However, LuAnn didn’t forget to invite me to tonight’s finale where she sings, "Money Can’t Buy You Class." Luann is such a blast and so much fun to hang with– love you babe but forget ever being friends with Bethenny– it’s not going to happen in this lifetime!

On Alex McCord:

Alex and Simon dropped off the planet when they didn’t see me in Season 3. Guess I’m not on their A list. I’m not sure what was really happening with them this season anyway as were most people who were confused, to say the least.

On Kelly Killoren Bensimon:

Let’s talk about Kelly for a moment. Girl, get your damn foundation right– you look like a head on a stick! You are so beautiful and sweet. But what happened? How could you ever let Bethenny get to you like she did in Season 3? You are so much bigger then that!

Guess all is far in love and war ladies, now lets count who has more Birkin bags? My girl Jill of course…………

See you next time to talk about beauty secrets but in the mean time we want you to feel fabulous too.

Brad’s Giveaway:

On behalf of, I have arranged for one lucky reader in the New York City area to win the same H. Bloom flower arrangement that I sent Jill and Ally. Don’t forget that if you reside within the delivery area, the flowers will be hand delivered by a very handsome man in a bow tie!

Here’s how:

All you have to do is join the FocusOnStyle Daily Dose newsletter AND comment below that you live in NYC. We will select one reader at random and it could be you! ľBrad Boles

"If the only prayer you say is ‘Thank you,’ that would be enough.ö

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