The Real Housewives of New York City- Season 4, Episode 1 Review

Brad Boles shares his opinion on what happened last night with those attention-seeking Housewives

Well, it seems the girls haven’t changed much since that last time we saw them!

Ramona Singer was so rude and downright mean when interviewing people for an assistant’s position. Of course, I would not expect anything less from her. The only thing that’s changed with Ramona is that she finally got someone to do her makeup, but that hair…. come on, Ramona this is not an episode of Ally McBeal.

Next up, Jill and Kelly hanging out on Jill’s bed that I designed! It seems Bethany issues still hit a deep nerve in Jill. Now, I do know from an insider’s point that the sword cut both ways. They both landed on their feet, so move on ladies and stop using it for ratings! Sonja Morgan is so not interesting to me. Do we really want to see Sonja panting like a Bit*h in heat over her date? In my opinion, it appears that he doesn’t want you, he wants the limelight.

The omnipresent Luanne at Orsay and her sexy man Jacques truly have a connection that you can feel two tables away! Luanne, why I ask would you choose for your big reconnect with the audience in Season 4 to have dinner with a classless act in a dress that can’t speak French in a French restaurant really?!

Now let’s talk about Cindy Barshop the latest lady to enter the cast. Come on, for her big intro she hosts a charity event that requires the other Housewives to take their very expensive shoes off and walk all over a canvas with paint on the soles of there feet! Get real ladies, roll up your sleeves and find a soup kitchen and help the homeless. Half this country is starving and you are all worried about your damn shoes!

Ok, I’m ready to address Alex and Simon. How ridiculous that Alex chose to open the season with a menacing cold shoulder stare in Jill’s direction. Simon, it’s time to get a stylist. The "acting" is just that really bad and the moves that they are attempting to pull of should be done only by seasoned actors. And, please who the h*ll is going to hire Alex to become the face of a major ad campaign? We can all see what’s coming.

The wedding scene appears to be so staged. Jill and Alex spot each other in the parking lot as Bobby holds Jill. Simon looks disconnected. Now, the viewers aren’t stupid and are sure that all the players knew exactly who was attending. The ever disingenuous snarky bug-eyed Ramona thinking she is setting Jill up for a day of discomfort. Why would you spend your time wanting to hurt somebody? I’ll tell you why, because Ramona never had a filter and has always been this way even before she was cast on the show. And no she never had style. Word of advice ladies, style doesn’t translate into dollars and wearing white when you are not the bride is just wrong.

The conclusion is this: The real train wrecks this season are clearly going to be the self-promoting, badly dressed, no sense of a moral barometer, and a pathetic excuse for parents behaving badly… Alex and Simon.

Ramona’s D-list friends and get-togethers will hold very little interest when the acting is so bad!

Kelly seems to be playing safe. I’m not sure that makes for good TV and Jill is here to tell us all that Kelly is just fine.

Cindy clearly is only here to promote her brand and could give two shakes about any of these women other then to piggyback off the success of the show. Can’t blame her as a business woman.

Sonja is clearly headed for a melt down right in our living rooms and the season has just begun.

Last but not least the real stars of the show are the truly bad choices in wardrobe. Sorry ladies, but you all need to fire your stylists who clearly don’t have that "Sex in the City" touch. Word of advice if you’re going to pretend you roll with the Big Boys then hire the Big Boys.

Hope next week proves to continue to unravel and that Ramona will fall off her "The Real Housewives of New York City," Season 3 high heels.

Check in weekly for my reviews and tidbits about each RHONYC episode, and who knows what surprises will come about?!

And how was your week? — Brad Boles

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