The Top Five Trends To Incorporate Now from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016

Take the Top Five Trends from Milan to heart right now and what will you have? A wardrobe that’s on the mark & ready to go a season ahead of the rest!

No need to think about trends too much when you have them all sorted out right here, right now. With expert style tips to boot.

Fashion Week: Why Should You Care About The Runway?

Here’s a look at the Top Five Trends from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2016 to update your look with right now.

Strapped In-


Seen at: Jil Sander, Ferragamo, Gabriele Colangelo, Ports 1961

Make it yours: Not quite bondage, and maybe not quite necessary, straps whether tied or trailing, lent a sporty rush to grown up dressing. A simple strap tied here & there is certain to make the simplest of dresses a standout. And when untied, your destined to make a dramatic entrance with trails of fabric flowing behind you.

Idiosyncratic Touches-


Seen at: Gucci(top), Prada(bottom), Marni, No. 21, Jil Sander

Make it yours: Keeping with a decidedly vintage theme, many of Milan’s best labels didn’t stop at the accessories. Which is a perfect starting point for you as it isn’t always easy to don head-to-toe vintage, even if it is ‘inspired.’ With finds from the 20’s to the 70’s, piling treasures on is sure to boost your mood and add personality to your look.

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Color Theory-


Seen at: Pucci, Marni(left), Versace(right), Ports 1961, Gucci

Make it yours: From the subdued to the electric, color in all of its glory ruled the Milan runways. From prints to solids, there were no exceptions to be made. Go with what works for you, but keep the silhouette modern. 

Modern Vintage-


Seen at: Prada, Gucci(above), Dolce & Gabbana

Make it yours: Heralded by Miuccia Prada some 20 years ago, geek/granny chic is a great way to add a touch of the personal to any look. Find pieces that have an antique feel, say a brocade topper or a top handle bag and pile away.

Skirt Suits-


Seen at: Gucci, Prada(above)

Make it yours: Off-kilter suiting punctuated with eclectic accessories made for a refreshing return to the much talked about contemporary woman’s suit. Rejoice as these boxier, graphic options won’t have you mistaken for a politician or a granny. Be on the lookout for suits that boast gorgeous texture, prints & fabrications with extras like slits, contrasting hues and curved seams.

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