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  • The Worst Holiday Gifts Beyond Regifting


    Thumbs down to fugly fashion gift certificates…

    A friend of mine came back in a sweat after spending over 2 hours in the local, rhymes with Freako’s, not for want, but out of desperation. Seems that my friend in question was the proud recipient of a $100 gift certificate that she couldn’t find a way to spend in the store known for dressing that hunky swimmer’s mom when she was in the limelight.

    However, my friend has quite the Barbie doll body and not typically seen in stamp-printed camp shirts, shapeless floral cardigans, or elastic waist midcalf skirts. Fashion legend Diana Vreeland embraced the notion of bad taste, but “No taste is what I’m against,” she said. Let’s just call this the no taste emporium.

    We all understand that the gift certificate was given as an expression of gratitude, however when gifting it is always best to stick to something that anyone can use rather than an item that is very subjective and out of your element. My friend, the lucky giftee says, “Rather than determine the style of your friend, a credit gift card that can be used at any store of choice but be more appreciated.”


    My question is: What was the, although best intentioned, but fugliest fashion gift that you ever received?


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