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    Shoes to look cute and help a poor child

    TOMS Shoes to look cute and help a poor child. Altruistic Chic: Look good, do good.

    We think of footwear as an accent to our outfits, something that both looks great and is comfy… well, most of the time.

    However, in many developing countries most children grow up barefoot and walking is often their primary mode of transportation. Children have to walk for miles get basics like food, water, shelter, and medical help. Some cannot even attend school as shoes are part of their uniform. Wearing shoes enables them to walk the distance that they could not barefoot. It prptects their feet from cuts and sores from unsafe roads and contaminated soil, which can lead to a variety of infections, pain, and even disease that can lead to amputation.

    While on trip to Argentina in 2006 American traveler and company founder, Blake Mycoskie, discovered that children in certain areas did not have shoes. “I was instantly struck with the desire — the responsibility — to do more,” says Mycoskie. TOMS was founded on the One for One premise that for every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need. As of April 1st, TOMS has given over 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world.

    The espadrille-like cute flats and boots are stylish, and show you care about looking good and doing good. Vogue has spotted them on Sienna Miller and Karl Lagerfeld, we’ve spotted them all over town. Styles for women, men toddlers, vegans, and something there for you.

    Toms Shoes One for One: If you buy a pair, a pair will be given to someone in need:

    Company website-

    –June 1, 2009

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