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    It’s the cheap chic waterproof watch that’s trending now

    Too 2 Late Watches Italian Style. It’s the cheap cic waterproof watch that’s trending now

    Cheapie end of summer style fix alert: If they play their cards right, the Too 2 Late watch will be the next big thing stateside as it is trending in Italy. Could barely pass a shop window or peek at the wrist of a low-key Italianista without spotting a strip of colored silicone with a bitty digital watch nesting inside. I had to pick some up. They’re waterproof too!

    Too 2 Late watches look even cuter when you stack a few different colors— one for each of your favorite time zones? The colors are all rich and sophisticated, yet still fun. None of those juvenile Disney colors usually associated with rubber "fashion" gear.

    Or, mix it with a more serious luxury watch—I’ve been doing both and loving the high / low mix. Everyone has been happier that I’m getting all their time zones straight as I travel. Cute, organized, and not a bit Too 2 Late. Grazie.

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    More sporty watches:

    — August 17, 2009


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