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  • Let’s REALLY look ahead: Top 10 Mega Fashion Trends for Spring / Summer 2015

    Megatrends for Spring 2015

    More predictable than weather forecasting, fashion trends are predicted by way of referencing inspiration. While we are (maybe, slowly) planning our fall wardrobes, designers are thinking way ahead.

    Take a look at what trend forecaster Stylesight predicts as the Four Megatrends for Spring/Summer 2015.

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    Within the all-encompassing themes of the Core, Memory, Harmony & Imprint are these 10 fashion trends that you might want to put into your style sub-conscious now:

    • Broad Leisure Stripes- an extension of colorblocking
    • Varsity – an updated feel of what has been around for a few seasons
    • Summer Tailoring- specifically more feminine colors in menswear. Hello Miami Vice.
    • Seersucker Stripes- A return to an old classic. Watch Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice (1982) & her language mishap that is forever engraved into my memory:
    • Ordinary Simplicity- reworking traditional fabrics like gingham and deck chair stripes
    • Future Abstraction- square & diamond shape museum-worthy pop prints
    • Vegetal Growth- lush shades of evergreen summers
    • Black & White– alone or in combination with soft shades like petal pink and pastel blue
    • Larger than Life- oversized graphic photographic prints in noisy colors
    • Neoprene- wet suit inspiration for land lovers

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