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  • White Space + Top 2013 Style Tips


    It’s that time of year where my family and I head out to our place in Wyoming. A high-energy ski vacation for them. Seeking the solace in white space for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do my winter sports days but it’s more the peace and tranquility found in the quiet of snow that I love best. The magnificent open vistas and the white space where I find the luxury to reflect, regroup, and renew for the year ahead.

     It’s my first day here and Mr. Poodle & I went for a walk around our ‘hood. I snapped this pretty picture of the snow glittered Aspen and pine trees while Naveed and I are were on the phone going over favorites posts of the year. Not a bad “office” for the next couple of weeks.S.H.

    Top 2013 style tips wrap up- what to ditch, what to try…

    Join us as we wrap the end of 2013 and look back at some our most important stories to help you start the new year off in style.

    how to look pretty

    How to Look Pretty When You Forgot About Yourself…

    You can’t be there for others until you can be there for yourself.

    You matter. You matter just as much as your babies, your husband, your bills, your life that gets in the way of you taking care of yourself and feeling good about YOU.

    How to Look Ageless OR 9 Geezer Magnates That Read Old and Why to Avoid Them

    How to Look Ageless & What to Avoid

    Mastering ageless chic is what fires me up. Not because I chose it, but because I grew into it.

    We should not be bogged down by the year we were born or the lack of resources, as with the right skills & attitude every woman can turn “it” on and stand out from the crowd in EVERY stage of her life. Don’t my parents look cute in this photo?

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    how to dress classic

    How to Dress Classic

    Collect well & you’ll have some things forever… From work to play, every smart wardrobe starts with pieces you can’t live without! >>MORE: Ideas on How to Streamline Your Wardrobe


    Abundant Style Mantras: Confidence is the new chic!

    Abundant Style Mantras: Confidence is the new chic!

    10 Abundant Style Mantras

    There’s a time and place for red carpet fashion, evening glamour, special occasion fabulous. However, many of us have a tendency to focus on the fantasy and not on what they really wear. I call that, fashion escapism…


    How to Clean Out your closet for a business chic wardrobe

    With a new year comes transitioning wardrobe staples and learning what to toss for classic Business Chic when looking to clean out your closet

    And lucky for all of us, the fashion tides have continued to herald minimal, forever-chic heritage dressing which means you can safely reorganize your work wear for the long haul…


    Click for more FocusOnStyle free online Fashion + Style Guides

    Click for more FocusOnStyle free online Fashion + Style Guides

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    Okay dokay,  while I’m chillin’ in my Wyoming chill and building my to-do list, tell me what you would like to see from me and FocusOnStyle in 2014?

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