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  • My Top 3 Tips to Be A Successful MOMpreneur if you want to work from home

    Mommy years

    This photo is how long I have been in the Mompreneur business!

    In mom terms, FocusOnStyle has been online from onesies to 6’4″!  Just think that when the docs said that my newborn son was in the 95th percentile for height, we didn’t believe them.

    Now look at my tall baby!

    As we are entering the college application process around here, it got me reflecting  about what it takes to run a successful home-based business and still have time to spend with your child.

    I’m just starting to toy with Periscope (tips to follow me at the end), and although this replay is not looking as profesh as I would like, it does have the raw authentic realness that livestreaming is all about.

    :: MORE: Mommy Chic Style Tips

    Really, these style and success tips can be applied to anyone who works from home. Just substitute napping and the playground for something else that brings you joy during the day.

    To recap my top 3 Tips to be a successful mompreneur, if you work from home:

    Work in blocks of time-

    It’s amazing how productive you can be if you chunk out your time with a beginning, middle , and end goal.

    Nap time, pre-school time, playdate time can all be built in so your work schedule can revolve around it. I managed to work full-time hours, just not during the “normal” 9-5  setting when I started my online business. It really amounts to being flexible with what you want to accomplish on any given day.

    I’m going back to chunking out my time now for more productivity and love it!


    Socialize with people who do different things-

    It may sound counter-intuitive but you want to keep your thoughts and inspirations open to others beyond the sandbox and virtual water cooler.

    It’s so easy to lose focus with ourselves when we are in Mom mode so it’s important to maintain a variety of friends and colleagues from different vantage points just to keep your creative juices going.


    Dress for you

    Yes, when you have little ones, the need for clothes that you can easily wash and footwear that’s playground cushy is primo but within that world of clothing there are plenty of options that are not only stylish but practical.

    Experiment with clothing that you can layer up to look more professional and polished for a quick online client meeting. I  go into more detail here, Mommy Chic: Easy Style Stay At Home Mom Clothes- YES, You Can Wear Yoga Pants!

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