TOP 5 Milan Fashion Week Trends From Fall 2013 To Wear Now

Lady-like fashion from Bottega Veneta
Lady-like fashion from Bottega Veneta

Style Notes for the Top 5 Milan Fashion Week Trends:  You loved our extensive coverage of  NYFW and our Top 7 New York Fashion Week Trends for Fall 2013. Our Fashion Week street style trends from NY & London have been a hit too. And again, we bring you the Top Trends to add to your wardrobe NOW.

As we look back city by city to bring you key elements that you can easily incorporate into your present look, and with most likely elements you may already have (and have a handle on), comes a look at Milan’s top notes.


Chunky Heels-

Chunky heels at Jil Sander
Chunky heels at Jil Sander
Seen at: Jil Sander, Prada, Bottega Veneta

Perhaps to add an edge to the the city’s current penchant for minimal, mannish wools done up in a shapely silhouette, chunky, shoes made for a considerable winter option. Front buckled shoes at Jil Sander and Prada are so far the most distinctive shoes of the season, anywhere.

Original styling: There are sure to be copies galore on this shoe trend. At Jil Sander, the call was to be on the lookout for something graphic, with contrasting elements such as a two-tone palette, while at Prada a lug sole was treated with metallic finishes.

 40’s & Ladylike-
Ladylike at No. 21
Ladylike at No. 21

Seen at: Prada, Aquilano.Rimondi, Ports 1961, Marni, Antonio Marras, No. 21

From Prada’s romantic vintage Italian starlets to No. 21’s tonal peplums and natty separates, it was a grown up season in Milan just as it was in London.

How to wear: The trick from each collection that made it work was in large part due to the styling. At Prada, those lugged sole shoes made the idea of ladylike look street smart and current, while at No. 21, a mix of plaids and surprising beading gave the idea personality.

Statement Sleeves- 
Statement Sleeves at Prada
Statement Sleeves at Prada

Seen at: Prada, Genny, Dolce & Gabbana

It’s all been done you say? You own it all? Well, this is one we never saw coming -the rethought cuff. That’s right, with every portion of the body scrutinized season after season, it’s seems almost refreshing to offer an alternative sleeve. One thats both glamorous and comfortable.

Why wear it? Oversiezed ruched cuffs were most prominent at Prada, where they came to life in full volume. Paneled ponyskin at Genny and wide sleeves at Dolce & Gabbana also worked to shift the eye to a new zone.

Wools, Tweeds & Plaids-
Tweeds at Dolce & Gabbana
Tweeds at Dolce & Gabbana
Seen at: Prada, Marni, Ter et Bantine, Versace, Moschino, Gucci, Trussardi, No. 21

It’s winter we know, gray wool, tweed and the ilk aren’t any real news, true. But, thats not to say there wasn’t any news.

On the contrary, a powder blue gingham suit at Prada was again, a surprise. Same goes for Versace, where an over the top nod to the upcoming punk inspired Met exhibit had a great deal of plaids(skip the vinyl panels!). And at Dolce & Gabbana, Marni and Ter et Bantine, plain wools, almost colorless, paved the way for the eye to train on the silhouette. This also allows for a chic foundation for flashes of color with accessories.

What to look for: When looking for shapes, go for pieces that accentuate the hips for a true sense of retro inspired glamour.


Optical Prints-
Optical prints at Missoni
Optical prints at Missoni

Seen at: Trussardi, Etro, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli

Even though the all over print craze is sure to be loosing its buzz with several low key, yet stellar collections recently bowing, the Italians will always do a good print. Among the offerings, Missoni’s louche pajama and robe offerings and relaxed suiting were winners. In a washed out palette, they had a depth that begged for more than a second look.

Why wear it? If you love prints, these have an understated graphoc appeal where you won’t see yourself coming and going in a crowd — Naveed Hussain

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