The Top Five Trends To Incorporate Now from New York Fashion Week Spring 2016

When looking at fashion shows and the endless show cycles, remember that the most important information you can gleam from them is how to dress for today: Right now…

And that’s exactly what you should be doing. After all, how many clothes does one need? Especially when the same sartorial ideas come back every few seasons. Your style can always benefit from essential tweaks here & there – all of ours could. Trust me, the little effort it takes to refresh will pay off big.

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Here’s a look at the Top Five Trends from New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 to get fresh ideas to focus on your own style. Go ahead, make them yours.

White Out-


Seen at: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren (above), Sea, Ryan Roche, Michael Kors

Make it yours: The allure of a crisp white blouse is timeless, you probably know that by now. And as a white top, skirt or dress works as a great foundation for mixing & matching while highlighting accessories, consider white a go to as universally appealing as black. The trick of the season though is to look for white pieces that are sharp yet a little off kilter for an added boost of personality.

The Bare Shoulder-


Seen at: Milly(left), Sea, Jil Sander Navy(right), Tibi, Proenza Schouler

Make it yours: As romantic as ever, you’ll be able to conjure silver screen style with exposed shoulders. You can even do this with a simple t-shirt that sits away from the body for a louche effect. Just let it slide…

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Slip Dresses-


Seen at: Calvin Klein(left), Narciso Rodriguez(right), Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham

Make it yours: The iconic 90’s staple made an appearance on virtually every runway. As they run on the more minimal side, add your mark to the trend with unexpected layering either underneath or on top and accessorize away.

Wide-Leg Pants-


Seen at: Hellessy (above), Organic by John Patrick, Rosie Assoulin

Make it yours: Leave the skinny jeans for the teens as this is one trend that’s age appropriate for anyone over 25. Go for a solid high waisted trouser which will help you alter your proportions. Tuck a blouse in them and you’ll instantly appear longer & leaner. Or cover the waist with say a jacket or a sweater and you’ll look more powerful. Trust me on this one.



Seen at: Delpozo (right), Carolina Herrera (left), Oscar de la Renta, Jill Stuart

Make it yours: Going pastel is no longer saved for easter as this is one trend that’s quietly feminine and perfect for showing your softer side. And I am not talking mint green with a preponderance of ultra-femme foamy pink ruling the runways. Make it modern by avoiding frills and decoration and look for minimal, clean silhouettes.



Top it all off with our favorite beauty look from Oscar de la Renta which was essentially a chic center part and timeless crimson lip. Sometimes you can’t go wrong with tried & true classics.


Get A Leg Up!

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