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  • Retail Remedy: Topshop New York, An Inside Look at the newest cheap chic store in town

    Topshop in store display- something for everyone!

    The fanfare, the fun, the frivolity, the fascination…

    I’ve finally had both the courage and time to make an inside trip to the brand-spanking new Topshop in New York to see what the greatest retail fuss in a long time is all about. It’s been quite a while since I paid a visit to Topshop in London but do keep a media eye on its cutting edge trends, accessible pricing, and standing as a go-to Mecca for must-have cheap chic budget fashion.

    Topshop is nestled in the part of SoHo’s lower Broadway that is sprinkled with major retail outposts to get the look for less like my favorites of Zara, Uniglo (picked up a Jean-Michel Basquiat T-shirt), H&M, Mango (the linen tunic called out to me), and just about every other trendy fashion chain.

    Not one for a steady diet of cheap chic, but ~ya can’t beat the rush of a throwaway trend at a great price or some fantastic t-shirts and basics for a song–it really is the modern way to build a wardrobe! Fringe, studs, a la Kate Moss style, a bit of grunge, some beading, a classic trench or two, every top fashion trend is present and accounted for.

    >> Take a peek at the what’s in store at Topshop photo gallery. Content continues below.

    The thing is that Topshop is not that cheap in this economy.

    The wannabe YSL sandals that I looked at were $250. Yes, that’s around a quarter of the original price, but still pricey. The groovy T-shirts were close to $40, and the beaded top that I would probably wear once was $85. There are definitely cheaper styles thrown in, but they just didn’t beckon me.

    The store is enormous and with a bit of vigor you can truly stumble upon something stylish for everyone, although the overall feel is rather trendy and young. You need to warp your head around the fact that Topshop is not an H&M part deux but more of a reasonably priced way to get top designer looks for less when sample sales are not in your horizon.

    More important, shopping at Topshop is a blast–it exudes a sense of playfulness and fun… And, in fashion, that is priceless!

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