Holiday Pet Guide- Gift Your Pets This Season

With the holidays around the corner, celebrate the love and appreciation you have for your pets with some stylish finds like the ones we’ve sourced for our annual holiday gift guide this season. From an on-trend neon leash by Balenciaga to a contemporary McMansion perfect for your little sea creatures, there’s something well-designed, practical and within reach for your pets this season.

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United Bamboo’s Ferocious Felines-

We can’t stop cooing at the over-the-top cuteness of United Bamboo’s annual calendar featuring a trove of adorably dressed feline’s striking a pose in miniature U.B gear- imagine the response you’ll get gifting this to just about anyone, pet friendly or not. Visit for more info.

Balenciaga’s Flouro Leash-

With shocking bits of neon popping up all over the runways and the streets, Balenciaga’s sleek flouro-pink leash is certain to be a conversation starter on your daily dog walks. For more info visit

Puppy Pampering-

Pamper your pooch with Kiehl’s soothing grooming shampoo. Available at Kiehl’s stores nationwide and at

The Perfect Dish-

Forgo porcelain food bowls for this decadent and thoroughly modern set of easy-to-clean bowls housed in a chic countertop frame by Doca Pet. Available at

Printed Matter-

The geometric, vaguely Moroccan inspired sides of these cat scratch discs are certain to add an exotic edge to any room’s decor while entertaining your cat. Visit for more info.

Dream Housing-

This modernist bird-cage by Bob Crutchfield and Clark Gist makes for the perfect housing for any exotic feathery friend. Price upon request from

A Smart Topper-

Boasting just about any dream feature every dog walker could ever imagine, Let’s Go Design’s techie dog walking jacket is destined to help you cut a chic swath while doing the most mundane of things throughout the year. For more info visit

Keep Up With The Johnsons-

Featuring what looks to be a duo of slick stacked boxes, Karl-Oskar’s fish tank offers chic accommodation for your pet while gorgeously accessorizing just about any room. -Naveed Hussain 

 Sharon’s Dog above.

Some other curated options for your pets this season:

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