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  • Viktor and Rolf for H and M: Edgy fashion classics, at an affordable price


    Viktor & Rolf for H and M collection debut

    We all have those certain perennially fashionable items that no matter what become the staples of our wardrobe. They are usually chic, simple, have that extra design touch that makes them amazing without being contrived or complicated. In other words, they are the clothes that become the glue of a
    well-honed, fashionable wardrobe.

    In my overstuffed closet there is a little capsule collection of ‘perfect pieces’ that I wish every other article of my designer must-haves really had. One such piece is my Viktor and Rolf black wool trench coat with the zippered leeves—it’s design excellence… always right, never cloying, kooky, or boring. It makes a pair of raggy jeans and simple turtleneck look fabulous and takes the foofooyness of a party dress right back to being offhandedly sublime.

    If only every piece of clothing could offer so much pizzazz in one simple touch, I may be able to find my way through my closeted catacombs of fashion failures past and present. But that’s the thing about Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting who are the design duo, Viktor & Rolf—they know how to expertly twist a classic into flawless style.

    Continuing in the footsteps of fashion icons Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney, the limited edition Viktor & Rolf for H&M collection for both women and men debuts in H&M shops on November 9th, offering big bucks style on a thrifty budget.

    The Viktor &Rolf for H&M collection is built around a fashion love story with everyday pieces like jeans, tops, knits, jackets, coats, evening looks, and an unbelievable wedding dress— accessories and underwear round out the best for less clothing collection. You can’t go wrong!

    –November 3, 2006

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