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    You don’t need an oversized budget to have style, just some imagination.

    Hometown Style NYC: You don’t need an oversized budget to have style, just some imagination.

    I spotted Jocelyn Spaar when she was on the job as a restaurant host and thought she looked so absolutely adorable that I had to share her style with you.

    Jocelyn Spaar

    Jocelyn Spaar

    So many women– particularly ones in their twenties– get caught up in a trend-by-numbers way of dressing. They have to have every conceivable trendy style because a celebrity wore it or all their friends have it and in the process they end up looking exactly the same… boring.

    Here, we have someone who totally thinks out of the fashion box when it comes to her personal style. A little vintage, a little hand-me-down, some new things that are all put together in a very individual way— that is EXACTLY what having style is all about!

    From the scarf in her hair to her anklets, Jocelyn is on trend but the mix is distinctively her own.

    The next time you want to put together a new outfit, try to be a little clever rather than copy-cat. Be inspired and the inspiration will come to you!

    Joselyn’s Shopping List:

    • Vintage black lace dress
    • Mom’s vintage brown leather woven belt
    • Rogan organic bamboo T-shirt
    • Vintage scarf in hair
    • Dot-Over-Dot necklace
    • BC Shoes

    Photos: FocusOnStyle

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