Vote! Message Clothing Takes a Design Turn

Vote! Message Clothing Takes a Design Turn

Say it like you mean it…

It’s two weeks less one day before the election and honestly, we cannot believe there are still undecideds out there. Go out and give the push or you might end up with the political team of your worst nightmare.

Ticket to style- The ‘Vote’ message on clothing can get a little tacky looking but top designers have taken their turn on the runway and we’ve found a few more less precious and equally poignant ways to express the power of choice. Plus, a snap of our favorite Vote graffiti this week.

BTW: We’re not sharing our political views other than we live in a true-blue melting pot city and vacation where we like to keep our local moose alive in spite of having Cheney in the hood!

Speak up and speak loud…


Pictured above:



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