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  • What to wear with red… Matching shoes to a bold color suit

    What to wear with red… Matching shoes to a bold color suit

    Q:What to wear with red… Matching shoes to a bold color suit

    I have been debating this fashion question for a while with some friends. When you wear a cherry red suit with white trim, should you wear a pair of matching red or white shoes? What color stockings should you wear with the shoes? (Santa Rosa Heights, Arima)


    Although red is the hot color of the season, it appears as if you are fairly conservative in your dress and not that much of a fashion risk taker. Therefore, I really doubt that you want to start to parade around looking like a candy can by wearing overtly matchy-matchy red and white. Think out of the box when it comes to coordinating colors and avoid the obvious to step up on your style.

    If you wear a bright color suit like red, you really want the daring color to hold its own as the outfit’s focal point rather than drown yourself in it. The added punch of crisp white trim makes for a bold enough graphic statement. Your best fashion bet is to avoid getting too literal with coordination and opt for a shoe color that compliments the strength of the suit without being corny.

    Neutral shoes in a nude shade which compliment your skin tone will create a longer and more elegant leg while taking a backseat to your suit’s bold color and work well with the suit’s white trim. A well-shaped dark pair of pumps in black or an almost black shade, like midnight blue, will also work. For a more dramatic and dressier look, you can wear metallic or gunmetal shoes, but I would avoid any other flashy color. A white shoe that matches the suit’s white trim will only look hokey.

    Colorful suits are tricky because they cover so much of your body that you can get caught up in color overload. When there’s a bit of ‘open space’ as with a sleeveless dress, the color is not so all-encompassing and you could then you could match the dress with open strappy sandals in the same shade.

    Always keep your legs nude and avoid contrasting hose unless you are making a very trendy statement.

    –November 17, 2006


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