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    The End Of Guest Distress
    What to Wear With What Shoes, Hose, Accessories

    Darling Readers: I don’t know why, but weddings seem to blitz everyone out about style. A normal formal evening would seem like almost any other dressy event, except, when the word “wedding” is added to the agenda, most of us are stymied. So here’s a bridal round up of some of the most frequently asked questions about how to dress for a wedding –SH

    If the Shoe Fits…

    Dear Sharon: Hello, I have a wedding to go to and I’m not sure what color shoe I should wear with my powder blue outfit. I was thinking silver shoes would look good but then someone told me to find the same color shoes as my outfit. I really hope you can shed some light; it would really help me out. – Shoe Confused (West Monroe, NY)

    Dear Shoe Confused:
     I know that the massive wedding industry is about to gasp in horror, but matching shoes to your dress, or heaven forbid, dyed-to-match shoes is a fashion anomaly peculiar to weddings. 

    Not everyone can be expected to buy a fantastic odd-colored shoe that she will wear only once, and frankly, the look is a little trite from a fashion standpoint. 

    A general rule of thumb is to have your footwear disappear when wearing a colored gown. Figure on a classic sexy shoe in a subtle metallic that will last a few seasons. Most important, go with your fashion instincts


    Mother of the Bride Footwear…

    Dear Sharon: My daughter’s wedding is in a few weeks and I’m having a problem selecting shoes!!!! My dress is periwinkle and ankle length. I’m 43 years old and I can’t figure out what color shoes will look best. Can you give me your advice? –Shoe Off (Denver, CO)

    Dear Shoe Off: As the mother-of the-bride you probably are more opt to splurge on a drop-dead shoe than if you were a wedding guest. At 43-years old, you are young enough to wear a sexy stiletto sandal in a fabulous metallic that’s sure to drive girlfriends wild with shoe envy. Strappy sandals are always easier to coordinate than closed toe pumps… don’t forget the pedicure!

    Sandals and Slacks, Oh My…

    Dear Sharon: I would like to know if it is proper to wear strappy sandals at wedding without pantyhose. Also, is a pantsuit proper to attend a wedding in. –Hoseless in Tonawanda (Tonawanda, NY)

    Dear Hoseless: What kind of company do you keep? In a religious setting, there may be some reason as to why you cannot go without hose. From a fashion standpoint, sheer pantyhose worn with open, strappy sandals is pretty tacky. If you must wear pantyhose, wear a closed shoe. If you do decide to wear stockings with sandals, look for an airy net that is more of the moment.

    There really is nothing wrong with wearing a formal pantsuit to a wedding- a girl’s tux is totally fabulous and very vintage Yves St. Laurent-unless, of course there is a religious dictate where a women dressed in pants is shunned upon. Know your audience and dress appropriately!


    Shoe Match…

    Dear Sharon: I am wearing a baby blue pantsuit to a wedding in Ireland and unsure as to what to wear under the suit and what color shoes I should wear. I refuse to wear white, blue or cream color shoes. Any advice Thanks… – Well Shod (Yahoo)

    Dear Well Shod:Without the benefit of a crystal ball, it’s almost impossible to determine exactly what shade of baby blue your suit is. Best guess would be to match a color to the undertone of your suit’s color if you shy away from no-brainer neutrals like white, blue or cream.

    Your blouse should compliment your shoe shade. Vivid can get tricky when it comes to coordinating shoes, so if you are uneasy with color save yourself a lot of headaches, opt for a palette that you are familiar with. A pearlized or metallic sandal would be another option.

    Blue by You…

    Dear Sharon: I have two weddings to go to in the next three months. I am wearing a peacock blue silk dress to one and a blueberry silk dress to the other. I would like to use the same accessories and shoes with each dress.

    I was thinking about brushed gold earrings and a bracelet with black shoes. Do you think this would look appropriate or would silver look better? Also, should I wear black hose or nude hose? I appreciate any ideas you may have. Thank you. —Blue Over Shoes (Lawrenceville, GA)

    Dear Blue Over Shoes: Under no uncertain terms should black hose be worn with a light or bright colored dress unless you are aiming to look edgy-if you don’t know what edgy is, you’re not! When in doubt, nude hose rules.

    Blueberry would have a more of reddish/purple undertone and peacock blue has a yellowy/green undertone. In other words, they are both blue, but very different shades. Dear readers, why do you all love to wear blue to a wedding so much?

    A more interesting choice than brushed gold jewelry would be a necklace or earring in a combination of gem stones or beads, or even dark freshwater blue or Tahitian black pearls that pick up the different shades of the blues. Black shoes seem like an afterthought, look for a metallic or dark silk shoe in a berry-brown color.

    Style stuck? Beauty breakdown? Fashion foibles? Designer dilemmas? 
    Ask Sharon: Advice 

    Copyright (c) 2001 Sharon Haver

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