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  • Weekly Web Roundup: 05.08.09

    web roundup

    Who said what online this week… says brighten up your style with Chandelier Earrings, the big drop in jewelry is back! Bold dangle earrings are right on trend and you can wear them with these face flattering tips.

    With dr. andrew weil for origins night health collection, girlawhirl can catch a few more zzzzz’s.


    SheFinds thinks jeweled undies are a little extreme – especially when those jewels are meant to leave a pattern on your butt.


    Put together a Gossip Girl look, no trust fund required! SheZoom shows you how.


    Smarter Fashion shows us their picks for fashionable women’s blazers for spring.

  has fallen in love with flower jewelry.


    Forget Swine Flu. The Beauty Brains caught Jungle Hair fever from Lush Cosmetics.