WEIGHTS & MEASURES: 3 fix-its for body image, fabric, and shoes

Dear Climate Control: In Wyoming, yes. In Florida, no. Fabric and colorare more dependant upon temperature than the season. A flimsy, white linen skirt is simply a stupid choice on a cold day. Heavier weight linen pants worn on a mild winter day are fine. 

Linen, a favorite material for those who love to iron, is typically worn in warmer months. But catalogs are geared for an entire universe of varying climates. Choose what makes the most sense for you and your environment. Just because a certain style is shown to be in style, doesn’t mean it’s an appropriate selection for you. A fur bikini did wonders for Raquel Welch, but it is not terribly practical in real life.

2. Dear Sharon: I want to get thinner. I am 5’2″ tall and weigh 121 pounds. My desired weight is about 95 pounds. I don’t look fat, but my bones are thick and heavy. I do exercise for one hour every day. What can I do to reach my target weight

? —The Real Slim Lady (Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur)
Dear Real Slim Lady: Sweetheart, tell me you are not preparing for a role in The Incredible Shrinking Woman? Not everyone has Tweedy Bird bones. Look at your mom, Great Aunt Tilly, or Uncle Lester. Somewhere in your family is a body type that looks just like yours… it’s called heredity. 
We all have different frame structures and nothing can be done to change our predisposed genetic makeup. 

What we can all do is learn to make the most of what we’ve got. Be realistic about what we have to work with and soar! Stay fit, dress to suit our figure, get a flattering hairstyle, and enhance nature with the right touch of makeup. Don’t obsess or wish for something that cannot be. 

If you don’t think you look fat, then what’s your problem? Your height and weight seem fine. We have to be comfortable with what’s on our body, not the scale. An hour a day of exercise is fantastic, although most fitness experts say exercising three times a week is enough to maintain a fit body. The real secret to losing weight is eating less. Cut back on calories, but don’t starve yourself; follow a sound weight reduction program.

Go out and have fun, develop outside interests, get a hobby… your figure concerns may suddenly become less monumental to you if you enjoyed life some more. 

3. Dear Sharon: I have a very pretty flowing, backless, spaghetti strap, bright teal blue dress with an angled hem. The problem is that I have no clue as towhat type of shoe 

to wear with it. Would black shoes with a criss-cross strap across the toes look funny? I would prefer to stay in my own closet, but if I had to buy a pair of new shoes, I would want them to be very inexpensive. Help! — Fashion Stumped (Citrus Heights, CA)

Dear Fashion Stumped: There’s a basic rule of scale when it comes to footwear: Match the weight of the shoe with the weight of the garment. The more bare or delicate a dress is, the more open the shoe style should be.

In this case- sight unseen- I would say sandals probably are the best bet. Never buy a new shoe that only goes with just one outfit if budget is a concern. A simple sandal in a neutral color is the safest choice and a Charlie’s Angels inspired strappy gold stiletto would be a trendier option. If you think a certain shoe looks funny with an outfit, it probably is. Go with your gut reaction.

© Copr. 2000 Sharon Haver