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  • What Courtney Wore Today, Yes As In LOVE


    Rock Queen, Underrated Actor, Tabloid Fodder, and Personal Style Blogger… Yes, THAT Courtney Love!

    Personal Confession: I find myself flummoxed by many personal style blogs…

    I have an old school brain where my fashion focus is more about YOU than ME... most of my career spent behind the scenes to create a gorgeous end-product rather than being front and center in a model posing way.

    Without naming names in the gargantuan genre of personal style blogs, for me, some are absolutely over-rated, others embarrassing, most are mundane, many are sweet, and few simply stand out on their own merit. The personal style blogs that do it well, do very well.

    I’m also fascinated with this celebrity-obsessed culture where the swag iphone case that a walk on cast member of a reality show totes is worthy of a press release and editorial pick-up! Andy Warhol‘s promise of 15 minutes of fame has stretched beyond elastic. And, he is probably looking down and loving every chronicled minute of it.

    August 17, 2010: whatcourtneyworetoday

    August 17, 2010: whatcourtneyworetoday

    Put all this in the blender, and out pours genius… the celebrity personal blog that you can’t take your eyes away from and photographed in a gritty, raw style that some of the most coveted editorial spreads try to emulate.

    Here we have Courtney Love and her whatcourtneyworetoday personal style blog. LOVE, Love!


    Photos via whatcourtneyworetoday

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