What Not to Wear and What to Wear to a Job Interview- Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 13

Can’t keep co-hosts Sharon Haver & Brad Boles down, in lucky episode 13 of their Impromptu Madness video series. They share tips to help you make the best first impression to snag that job. Afterall, it’s “perilous times” as Brad says and Sharon wants you to be sure that you don’t overly sex it up on a job interview.

Rumor has it that they are pretty hysterical in their down-to-earth fashion tips, but you may crack up at some of their tips on white teeth… Shhhh, Sharon is all for natural, brighter white teeth and Brad loves to sport his chicklet veneers (that’s Sharon talking, for sure).

Watch What Not to Wear and What to Wear to a Job Interview:

Crib Notes on Office Chic Job Interview Style:

  • What you wear on a job interview tells everything about you from the moment you walk through the door.
  • Do your research!
  • Assess the field and the company and dress according to the type of business not what you think you should wear.
  • In other words, don’t come dressed in a corporate conservative way as if you were applying for a banking position when you are going to a fashion media job interview.
  • Learn how to be fashionably casual chic when it is a more laid back kind of job, like the Internet.
  • Your best defense is to be armed with knowledge, again, RESEARCH YOUR PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER.
  • On your first interview, step up your style a bit but don’t sex it up.
  • Try for sophisticated and elegant that means no cleavage, no dirty jeans.
  • Err on the safe side with well-cut modern classic pieces.
  • Have RESPECT for the situation and for the person who is interviewing you.
  • Don’t wear 5 inch heels that you can barely walk in and opt for a more timeless shoe.
  • Safe but smart items include a sweater set, crew (round) neck sweater, simple sheath dress.
  • Neutral colors, like a lush gray, and avoid garish brights.
  • Avoid shiny fabrics like poly satins that can look cheasy.
  • If you a have a sweat problem, wear a jacket or sweater to cover the dreaded sweaty pits.
  • No perfume or minimal perfume to avoid walking in and smelling like a bordello. That goes for no alcohol or smoke breath too.
  • Avoid distracting jewelry like dangling earrings to keep the focus on you by wearing minimal jewelry that is tight to your body.
  • If you do wear white, make sure it is not whiter than your teeth– unless, they are bright veneer white like Brad’s. Ivory or a textured white may be a better choice.
  • Dress up a job or two to look stylish but more like the next level position.
  • Don’t dress too up so that you look like you want to take over the job of the person who is interviewing you.
  • Keep your undergarments in check so that you are pulled in with no visible panty lines or bra bulges.

Best of luck to you!

We pulled some classic Office Chic looks for you to bone up on your job interview style:

Sharon is wearing a SEE by Chloe sweater, Hermes scarf, Maison Martin Margiela top… all her own of course.