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  • Leopard doesn’t have to be tricky to wear.

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    Q:What shoes to wear with a leopard dress?


    I just bought this gorgeous leopard print dress and was curious about what kind of shoes to wear with it. The dress itself is on the shorter side (above the knee) but fits perfectly.

    I was thinking about wearing a pair of leopard print strappy sandals I found at Macy’s with some sheer nude pantyhose. But perhaps leopard print shoes may be too much. What’s your take??? Thanks! (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)


    Ah ha! Wearing more than one element of animal print at one time can take you from looking chic to looking like the crazy cat lady.

    Yes, it is possible to combine a wild kingdom of animal prints, mostly by wearing very small prints with very large ones for any interesting but not matchy –matchy look. However, combining leopard patterns, like any mixing other pattern, requires a very skilled hand and trained eye. Frankly, if you are asking, I have to guess that it’s not a trick for you and the result would be back to more of the crazy cat lady look.

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    Even though leopard is on-trend at the moment, it is still a classic pattern. Since leopard is very bold onto itself, it’s best blended with other colors that have a neutral, less adorned feel so that the leopard can be the focal point of your entire outfit.

    I like the more dramatic yet simple look of black tights and a black platform ankle boot with a leopard dress for a more modern fashion take. For a classic look, I like black or nude colored pumps with bare legs. Even a bold red shoe would look fantastic if it had a clean and architectural line.

    Instead of thinking pattern, think shape with your accessories and you’ll look amazing!


    Chetta B – Black/Leopard Combo Dress at Bloomingdalesicon


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