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  • Business Chic: What to wear in a freezing office when it’s hot outside!

    Summer Layering Cardigans

    We all know that there can be some crazy tempreture fluctuations especially in the sweltering summer when the A.C. gets turned up. Let’s help this reader get her Business Chic in gear & figure out what to wear in a freezing office when it’s hot outside with some smart & stylish layering tips.

    q Dear Sharon: I’ve taken your advice and transitioned my wardrobe for summer as I’ve just relocated to the dreadfully humid environs of Houston for work but now my big dilemma is that both the bus on my commute and my office are absolutely freezing. What are quick fixes I can try to avoid shivering at my desk or pulling a space heater next to me? (M.F. via Fashion Advice)

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    Funny that you ask as we’ve got a similar issue here at the FoS office. On my way to work cloaked in a second skin of sunscreen, the city is teaming with stifling heat while after ten minutes after sitting next to Sharon the blaring air conditioner is becoming an issue for me. The cold air helps her summer allergies but makes me crazy.Where is the balance?

    Sure, no one can bear the idea of working without a/c, but after a certain point it can become too much for some. So what to do?

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    Not to fret as even though the season calls for less coverage, there are sure-fire ways to beat the cold without having to sacrifice your basic comfort levels during warmer moments of the day. Some ideas to consider:

    • Pay attention to versatile fabrics such as linen, tropical wool and fine knits as they offer thin layers of coverage without adding too much unnecessary warmth
    • When wanting to look more polished, a brushed cotton blazer or light jacket will help
    • Nothing beats a lightweight cascading cardigan as you can throw it on whenever needed while its open front won’t keep you too covered up
    • A bracelet or 3/4 length sleeve will also keep you more covered up than you average summer top while keeping you ready for the commute and your office’s colder climates
    • Wide-legged trousers in lightweight fabric will let just the right amount of breeze in while you’re outside before the office
    • And if all else fails, try pairing a long sleeve fitted dress shirt in pique cotton with a colorful scarf that you can easily take on & off

    Do you have any other tips of your own on how to stay comfortable in a freezing office? Do share in the comments below.

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    We pulled a few other layering ideas for you to shop:

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