What to wear for a mom’s night out

Mommy Chic: Friday evening with your girlfriends is always such great fun even if not as frequent when you are a mom. But what to wear for a mom’s night out without looking like you’re trying too hard or just got back from the office? Let’s help our reader get some inspiration for Friday night outfits to hit the bars in style. 


 I am a 38 yr old mum of two who is going out with the girls in a few weeks and in need of a little help to find a cool, classic outfit to wear to hit the bars on a Friday night.

I am tall (5ft 10″), short hair and athletic type body shape. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I just don’t know where to
start! Many thanks. (via Fashion Advice)


Boy, do I hear you! There’s something unsettling about seeing a gaggle of ladies out together, each one looking like they are trying to outdo the other… particularly when it comes to wearing skimpy clothes.  I’m glad you are asking for some ideas to look cool, classic, and flattering for your girl’s night out.

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When you go out with your girlfriends, or any friends, you really want to try to make the effort to step it up a bit if it’s a special night. It sounds like you’re not used to going out on a regular basis. And as a mom that does happen.

Select to wear something that’s not that much of a departure from your regular style as you also want to be able to switch up the pieces a bit to get more use out of them. Diversify is the name of the game.

Since you are tall and lean, I’d play up your figure with its best fashion asset, slim jeans or skinny pants that look chic with a longer top and heels or a pair of low-heeled ankle boots.  The leanness of the leg adds flair without being too-too and you can get oodles of wear out of them.

A strong, athletic frame looks pretty against a breezy summer dress that looks equally cute with strappy sandals for a night out or comfy flats for running around with the kids.

Why not try  a vivid red lip to add some spunk to your look? It’s easy and elegant and looks pretty against a nude face as well.

Have fun and don’t overdo it. But you knew that. Wink.

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