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  • What is STYLE? Fashion and Romance, closer than you think

    What is STYLE?  Fashion and Romance, closer than you think

    Q:Is it the norm to have one style?

    Recently, I was dating this guy who made the comment, “you haven’t found your style yet”. I responded that my style is eclectic, meaning that I’m comfortable in a mini skirt, blue jeans, or a suit. I don’t like being predictable in my attire nor do I want to be conservative all the time.

    Am I missing something here? Is it the norm to have one style? I obviously didn’t understand the undertone of his statement, but he is not an expert in style. Help!!! Thanks for your time. (Pompano Beach)


    Hopefully you aren’t missing this boob of a boyfriend.

    Thank the high priestess of all things fabulous that you had the common sense to put this self-important, pompous, pea brain in the past tense. Where does this passively controlling (that’s the
    undertone!) oaf come off telling you that you haven’t found your style yet? Did you ask him? Or, did this contender for male fraud decide to volunteer his words of wisdom himself?

    Style is not about being boring and predictable; it’s about having fun in your attire and feeling fantastic about yourself.

    Being fashionably eclectic is great. Cast yourself as the leadactor in your own play of life. Your character directs your wardrobe: one day you play a gypsy, the next day you play an elegant woman about town, then the following day you play an outdoors woman who can climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Get it?

    Explore, experiment, and evolve. It’s just clothes.

    Wear whatever makes you feel good about you. For that matter, find a companion who does the same.

    –August 11, 2003


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