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  • I got jacked! Gloomy Monday with the Fonejacker

    I got jacked! Gloomy Monday with the Fonejacker

    You can get jacked too…


    It’s Columbus Day, one of the biggest shopping sale days of the year, if you are not out bargain hunting today or clicking madly online, you should be having some bloody fun!

    For those of you not in the know with the hilarious British spoof, Fonejacker, you can get some good belly laughs online. According to the E4 site, the definitive meaning is: fonejack / v. 1. to seize control of a telephone conversation by farce esp. divert it from reason and logic.


    We say, they are freaking hysterical, if you are not of the overly precious at heart!


    Love the rather newish, Telephone Dating video:


    There’s the classic ISP Provider Guy call, Mr. Doovde (DVD), and so much more. But now there’s a widget where you can get jacked too. We all got jacked and loved it. Go have a laugh and then get a move on… it’s the Columbus Day sales today! Go Shop…

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