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  • Yeohlee Fall 2010 Fashion Show

    Runway Runway: Pieces worn with such graceful ease realize the overall strength of the brand itself

    Quiet luxury and smart, efficient and architecturally constructed pieces with a timeless appeal & restraint have been a mainstay at Yeohlee and have won her a cult-like following of hardcore devotees and Fall 2010 was no exception.

    Yeohlee Fall 2010

    Yeohlee Fall 2010

    Surveying front row attendees in their Yeohlee pieces worn with such graceful ease only helped one realize the overall strength of the brand itself.
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    Using cylinders as a starting point on everything from hems to padded collars the collection moved on to offer an appealing range of proper day clothes that had the label’s winning characteristic artfulness without ever being too arty.

    While uses of creams, neutrals and plaids lent the collection a fresh and soothing counterpoint to it’s range of moody urban gray’s. — Naveed Hussain, VagabondNYC

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