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  • I hope you didn’t, but if you did: 5 ways to not fall off the New Year’s style resolutions wagon

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    Let’s reflect to timeless advice on starting the New Year in YOUR best style.

    Liar, liar… my big, empty promise to myself and why New Year’s style resolutions hardly ever work…

    It’s the start of the new year, and where are you?

    In my over 20 years in the style business, I have never once thought that truly being stylish came from a check list at the start of the year. I don’t bother with resolutions of any kind anymore. If I was really going to commit to a resolution, and meant to do it, I would without having the stress of “the” list.

    Simple as that.

    I’ve gotten a bunch of reader emails asking about making New Year’s style resolutions to amp up your look. I say phooey to resolutions.

    Don’t resolve to style. Evolve to style.

    As the happy new fervor has passed and the start of the “real” year is settling in, hats off to all of you who are still keeping up with your style resolution checklist.

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    But for the rest of us, don’t feel lame and blame yourself for failing.

    Reset yourselves to evolve to a better you. An easier on yourself you. A more forgiving, yet fearless you. Avoid what Arianna Huffington calls “the anxiety of unmet expectations”  and experience style– and life– in a way that’s less stressful and more powerful.

    “Clarity comes with simplicity,” says Brendon Burchard in his three motivation themes for the new year And, he could not be more right.

    Let’s reinforce confidence as the new chic.

    Slice away grandiose resolutions and evolve to smaller satellite style switches that you can absolutely pull off with ease:

    1)  Get your feet wet with one or two new key essentials to gradually and realistically update your wardrobe rather than grand sweeping proclamations like throwing out everything you own and starting from the ground up.

    2)  Rather than feeling sorry for yourself about packing on 5 or more pounds select silhouettes cut for your body, including what you wear at the gym while you work it off.

    3)  Feel like you’ve got your wardrobe together but your apartment is dreary beyond compare? Don’t live in blahness while you try to save up for an interior designer. Instead,  punch up your living space with small but powerful accent touches like vibrant and quirky home accessories. Master the art of color chic. Home style is not much different from how you approach your fashion style.

    4) Forget about feeling pressured that you don’t have morning time for a full-on beauty routine. Prioritize your beauty. One day blow out your hair, and do a barely there, yet polished face. The next day, do your makeup just so and opt for a simple, undone ponytail. The yin and yang of not being totally pulled together– yet right– is very French, and rather cool too.

    5)  Stop worrying about getting old and hang on to your youthful spirit. It’s not only cheap, it’s free and that joie de vivre makes everything that less challenging to take on.

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    Photo: Fashion Week- Benten

    Original Publish Date: Jan 8, 2013

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