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    ARE your shoes a buzzkill

    Boost your mood from the feet up with the not this, wear that shoe guide

    Can you change your attitude or boost your mood depending on what shoes you are wearing?

    YEAH, baby, you sure can!

    Here’s the thing, I cannot even count how many times I get asked about what shoe to wear with what outfit. So much so that I wrote the Ultimate Shoe Guide to solve that conundrum once and for all.

    But, it’s not the matchy-matchyness that make the difference, in how your shoes make you feel. There are just some shoes  to never wear… ynless you you have a really good reason (weather or medical).

    Beyond comfort (that counts too), there’s an emotional level to feeling uplifted (heels,  snazzy flats or something in the middle) from what you have on your feet.

    So much so, that even on a photoshoot that’s just a beauty shot from the chest up, the model will often be wearing a pair of heels, just to get in the mood. No one will ever “see” what shoes she’s wearing, but you can tell from her eyes that she’s not wearing a pair of ugly gym sneakers.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 7.28.10 PM

    “Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” ~ Christian Louboutin

    Why am I drilling on the importance of how your shoes make you feel now?

    Well, I spent the last couple of weeks at my vacation place out West and it was frigid. Common sense has you wearing shoes with traction for the weather, and that’s a good thing.

    But day after day of trudging around in some version or another of arctic chill-proof snow boots REALLY started to drain me.

    I’m no stranger to wearing logical, comfort shoes between having a mountain place, and have had both a broken ankle and foot surgery. I’ve spent more than my share of time wearing shoes for practicality rather than aesthetic. The trick to that is to tzuj up your outfit to make those fugly shoes work, but even then, they are a buzzkill.

    But what about when you don’t have an excuse?

    Why lower your spirits and your attitude by wearing shoes that suck the spunk out of your style?

    I’m not saying that you should wear a stiletto everyday. I’m saying that you should think about if your shoes scream frumpy, out of date, or just plain blah.

    There are plenty of comfy shoes out there (probably close to a hundred in my closet alone) that will put a little zing in your step… even sneakers, my dear.  So if you want to feel better than average, not look so dumpy, really, why would you?

    Wear This, Not That: The Top 5 Shoes to Kick to The Curb (and never wear) UNLESS you have a reaaaaaally good reason…

    1. red quilted

    “Professional” clogs If you’re not serving food or a nurse, find a clog with some style power, like this or this.

    2. red quilted

    Stretchy shoes with a synthetic wedge heel– Can you find something that says “I give up” more than this?  Go for the wedge but in a style that has some style, like this.

    3.. red quilted

    Hideous “all around” white sneakers– Sneakers are perfectly fine and ‘in” at the moment. But up your style with a more designer version like this or a stylish sporty version like this.

    4.. red quilted

    Dolled Up Rubber Flip-Flops– If you bejewel them, wedge them, add a flower, or even go for the generic, rubber flip-flops are not a proper show. Wear them for the beach and any other time, try a more street chic version, like this.

    5.. red quilted

    UGGs, especially sparkly ones–  I get it. It’s cold, they’re comfy, I even own versions. BUT, you can do better wearing a sheepskin boot on any day that’s not inclement weather. You can even sick to the brand but change the style. Trade the fug with an UGG like this or go for a more style-savvy boot like this.

    +. red quilted

    Ok, what’s you honorable mention for shoes that suck away at your style? Tell me on the comments below.

    :: If you do want to know how to get more confidence in your style choices and discover your own easy chic, try my C’est Chic Crash CourseYou’ll be able to feel more positive about what you wear and have more time to enjoy the rest of your life!

    Lead picture: My ancient Wyoming-only buzz kill snow boots and happy feet Maison Martin Margiela ankle boots (yes camel is a stretch for me). Louboutin quote via.


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