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    Q:Tips to accessorize a bright color dress…

    Grecian style, fantastic vivid color, now what do I wear with it?

    I bought a gorgeous, amber-colored, Grecian style mini dress (pictured here) by ADAM by Adam Lippes to wear to a semi-formal event.

    I was hoping to wear a pair of black patent heels to pair with a black clutch. Would this work? Also, what color jewelry could I wear with this dress? It’s a tough color! Thanks! (Urbana, IL)


    It’s not a tough color, it’s an amazing stand-outc,look-at-me color!

    Clear, bright, and vivid colors are one of spring’s hottest trends and you selected a winning colored dress! With that you want to wear shoes and accessories that both compliment but not distract from its golden amber color and keep to the sexy Grecian style aesthetic of the dress.

    Black patent pumps are a bit too closed and strong to wear with something as bare as a strapless mini dress. You would want to wear more of a strappy sandal and perhaps a platform to balance the bareness. With the Grecian line, I would opt for the shoe trend that continues to explode, high-heeled gladiator sandals, to continue the Grecian inspiration. Since gladiator sandals are also a stand out style, I would stick to new neutrals like nude, bronze, burnished gold, or tobacco to not compete with the line of your dress. Try a pair with some metal studded details for fun! For a more modern, edgy less-formal look gladiator flats, which go past your calf, are very cutting edge.

    An alternative look to wear with your amber ADAM by Adam Lippes mini would be simple, ankle wrap strappy sandals in a clear color like white, red, coral or electric blue to pump up the color volume. In this case, less is more when it comes to your shoes so only the strappiest and barest sandals styles will work.

    You are on the mark with carrying a clutch that will not interfere with the strapless top and floaty lines of the dress. However, black is again too harsh and predictable a color to wear with amber.

    If your sandals have any studded detail, like gold, I would use that as your launch point to accessorize. How about a gold clutch and to-die-for big earrings or huge hammered metal cuff?! If you choose a nude colored shoes, then a super python clutch will add some much needed texture to your look. With bright colored shoes either try an alternative bright color bag or a similar shade in a completely different texture or finish—just never matchy-matchy.

    Get inspired with these accessory ideas:

    –April 27, 2009

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