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  • Weekly Web Roundup: 04.24.09

    web roundup

    Who said what online this week… is delighted to have British fashion designer Eyola share Personal Style Secrets for a simple 5-step DIY plan to ramp up your individual style– she used to work for Alexander McQueen!


    Girlawhirl asks who knew that paper could be made from elephant or panda poo ?


    SheFinds browses the racks (um, rack) of the new Loomstate for Target line and finds little to get excited about.


    Smarter Fashion was at Coachella this weekend and gives us the do’s and don’t of dressing for hot desert weather, plus shows us how celebs dressed for the occasion.

  found Spring’s top coats from $20 to $200


    The Beauty Brains elucidate how electrolysis removal of hair works.