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  • Please, Say It Isn’t So…

    No Acid Washed Jeans!

    Please say it isn’t so, the return of the acid washed jean.


    You just knew it was bound to happen one day. Someone, somewhere, somehow would revive the tackiest fashion fad of all time, acid washed jeans.

    Not to mention, the early Eighties style du jour– super-skinny legs that zip up the ankle (how else can you get your foot into them?) and slashed all over the place. Don’t forget that they are worn with white high heel pumps.

    Aw come on, you remember all those jokes about mall girls lollygagging around in them, don’t you?

    Well, they’re baaaaaaack!!!!!

    D&G just rocked the acid washed dolls out on the Milan runway for Fall 2001.

    Here’s a heads up: The more you wear acid washed anything, the cuter David Lee Roth appears to be.