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  • Clean Out Your Closet…

    and Help Dress For Success

    Help other women who want to enter the workforce by donating your slightly worn business clothing.

    Ok, so you bought that fab navy blue suit last year for a job interview and now the company you work for is sooo casual that a T-shirt almost seems formal.

    Look it, a girl has got to have room for what she needs. But that suit is too good to trash and it’s just taking up space in your closet. What to do? Be altruistic!

    There are plenty of smart, determined women less fortunate who want to re-enter the workforce yet don’t have the resources to buy an interview suit. And, you have one that just hangs in your closet…

    During the week of March 17th – 24th Dress For Success celebrates Clean Your Closet Week in over 60 cities around the world (of course, they will take donations at another time).

    Get into the bowels of your closet and pile-up the blouses that don’t fit, the suits that you don’t wear, and maybe a pearl necklace or two. Then drop them off at the nearest Dress For Success location.

    Oh, they won’t take acid washed jeans, khakis, or anything that is not business appropriate.

    Happy cleaning!!!

    Dress For Success is a non-profit organization that helps low-income women make tailored transitions into the workforce by providing each client with a suit for a job interview and a second suit when she lands the job. Since launched in 1996, Dress For Success has assisted more than 50,000 women in 4 countries.

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