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  • Age Appropriate Fashion and Beauty Tips To Transition To Fall

    BANANA REPUBLIC Holiday fall winter 2010New york April 22nd 2010

    Sharon & Brad’s Latest Radio Show: Fashion, beauty & hair tips to look ageless and chic on any budget.

    Gossip, dish, and inside style tips…

    On this week’s episode of Focus on Style-Talk Radio, the hosting duo Sharon Haver & Brad Boles talk about about what YOU want to add to your wardrobe to wear now and into fall on any budget.

    Sharon’s Top Five Fall Fashion Finds That You Can Start to Wear Right Now for Ageless, timeless nonchalant chic:

    Brad & Sharon On the Air on Focus on Style-Talk

    • Short leather jacket– Aviator or motorcycle-inspired, a leather or vegan leather jacket plays down something too dressy and adds a crisp vibe to jeans… so very French too!
    • Green, lean cargo pants– Keep them just above the ankle or roll the hem to there. Perfect with that leather jacket, a tailored blazer, or chunky sweater…. continues to the military trend vibe and more updated than jeans.
    • Ankle boots– You probably own a few pairs of ankle boots by now but how about a lace-up pair with a lug or wooden sole or a sleek wedge? Instantly modernizes jeans and perfect with your country classics and camel tailored pieces.
    • Classic black pumps– We’ve been upside down and inside out with zany platforms. Which are looking more than tired now. Turn 360 degrees to a simple chic black pump in a walkable kitten or “normal” high heel for iconic, classic glamour. Kate Moss has been rocking classic black pumps and it looks so much more modern and chic than some kooky skyscrapers or over-decorated gladiators.
    • The NEW cropped pants– No, not the tourist, boxy kind. Think Audrey Hepburn meets 90’s minimalism for sleek, pants that hit just above the ankle. Of, course, Sharon loves them in black. Pair with anything above and you will look right on trend in the most classic way.

    Sharon pulled a few on trend fashion pieces that you want to think about:


    Brad is still reeling from some end-of summer fashion and beauty faux pas and feminine looks to wear until the first chill:

    Peacocks in the garden are never out of fashion!

    Peacocks in the garden are never out of fashion!

    • First ladies, remember age-appropriate means the length of your hemline. If you’ve passed 40, leave the short skirts for the twenty-something girls. Keep it sexy, but beautiful.
    • Keep it sexy, but beautiful with muted pale colors that are still in season, as well as soft, floaty fabrics.
    • Throw on a jacket or a sweater over that dress for a day-to-evening transition.
    • Avoid coral lipstick at any cost!
    • Remember that black is never out of fashion, nor are little dogs with diamond collars, red nails, or peacocks in the garden for that matter! –Sharon & Brad on Focus on Style-Talk Radio


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