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  • Khloe is the Hottest Kardashian this week, Surfer Style Do’s and Fashion Don’ts from Brad Boles



    Brad is still on the run in The Hamptons with gossip and style tips galore —S.H.

    Rubbing elbows in The Hamptons and reminiscing about uber glam…

    The Hiltons (as in Kathy and Rick) continue to enjoy the summer heat out East. I ran into them the other night enjoying a quiet dinner at Bobby Vans, so we had a few minutes to catch up. We had a good laugh about Paris Fashion Week and the wonderful dinner on a boat on the Seine we all enjoyed for Dior years ago.

    Ivana Trump (think Joanna Lumley as Patsy from the fabu TV show ABFAB) was seated with us at the dinner dressed in a glamorous large, soft brimmed black hat shaped like a man’s Borsalino with a shocking pink scarf at her throat. And, the best fitted box jacketed Grey bombazine suit you’ve ever seen! The Grand Master himself, John Galliano, loosely adjusted her scarf all evening. Now that was a dinner to remember!

    Rob Siegel and Khloe Kardashian

    Rob Siegel and Khloe Kardashian

    Khloe Kardasian is looking very hot…

    Polo turned out to be so much fun, with perfect weather. Rob Siegel and I headed to the VIP SWAGG Lounge at the Bridgehampton Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field enclosure and ran into the ever-perfect and slimmed-down Khloe Kardasian… how gorgeous does she look? Her washboard flat stomach is amazing!

    The Hamptons are a pit stop as Khloe’s bags are packed and she’s following her husband, Lamar Odom, on a tour of Turkey and Greece. I sent a kiss to mama Kris Jenner, whom I adore and had lunch with recently in LA!


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    Dirty gossip… guess who?

    Later that evening I ran into the fabulous decorator Nancy Corzine. We had an amusing conversation about a famous client whom I walked in on in a very compromising position with the help no less! I know know that ‘she” is a natural redhead with matching collar and cuffs who doesn’t know what locks are for…

    Don't forget to style your outdoor living space when entertaining

    Don’t forget to style your outdoor living space when entertaining

    Outdoor style tip…

    Some much time is spent entertaining outdoors that you really must tzuj up your environment to be something special. I love lots of pillows in lounge areas with glimmering candles and flowing curtains (away from the curtains, of course!) that can be closed on individual sides for sun and heat relief. The effect is dramatic and chic!

    Rob practices what he preaches

    Rob practices what he preaches

    Surfer boys need to look hot, in my fine opinion…

    As promised, metrosexual Rob Siegel has returned from getting married and has some great style advice for you surf aficionados. Nothing is sexier then a hot, half naked, well-groomed man waxing his board… sexual Napalm to my eyes!

    Wet board shorts, oh yeah

    Wet board shorts, oh yeah

    • Surfer dudes and dudettes, break out your boards and sex wax and gear up for the surf. Getting up on a board and riding a wave is tough; looking good is half the battle, says Rob.
    • It’s key to use waterproof sun protection on your skin and lips.
    • Guys look fly in a cool pair of board shorts and girls in boy shorts.
    • Patterns are in so get something wild and colorful and you’ll look like a hot surfer even if you’re just waxing a board on the beach all day.

    Non surfer girls, please don’t wreck my nerves with these style don’ts:

    • Move beyond skyscraper platform heels…. there is life beyond this overdone trend!
    • Lipstick bleed looks so tacky. I have two words: lip liner. Please, no sharp lines and feather the liner so you avoid the drag queen pout!
    • Accessory overload is not chic unless you are on the way to your own tag sale. if you have more then one fabulous ring on a hand you’ve got one too many; don’t pile the whole jewelry box! Rule of thumb– unless your going to the opera or being courted by royalty– a matched set of earrings, necklace, bracelets and ring doesn’t work and is very age telling!
    • Mismatched tan lines, can you just die? A road map of tan lines from multiple bathing suits is an unsightly nightmare. Stick to the same style suit in different colors and patterns and be picture perfect!

    And how was your weekend? – Brad Boles

    Photos: via Bad Boles

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