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  • Let’s Get Personal: Women with leaky bladders can feel beautiful and protected thanks to Always Discreet Boutique


    There’s no need to feel shame when you can confidently wear something pretty…

    “Don’t make me pee!”

    That’s what I used to say to my husband every time he told a stupid joke when I was pregnant.

    We’ve all had moments. Accidents can happen. We’ve all laughed too hard, had that cough attack, and not quite been ourselves during pregnancy. One in three women have experienced bladder leaks1, but for women who regularly experience a leaky bladder it’s no laughing matter.

    Research states that half of women surveyed say bladder leaks affect their personal confidence when they’re doing things they enjoy2.

    I’ve partnered with Always Discreet Boutique as a P&G Influencer to spread the word that bladder protection underwear can be beautiful.

    Seeing is believing.

    The product was demonstrated to some of the blogosphere’s top influencers in a gorgeous NYC penthouse loft at its fabulous launch event. We were treated to luxe hair and makeup, an incomparable skyline view and the chance to experience an Always Discreet Boutique demonstration of its protection while admiring its feminine design. This clearly supports that there shouldn’t have to be a tradeoff for women who experience bladder leaks between maximum protection and a product that is not only made beautifully but designed with a stylish woman in mind.

    According to a recent survey, women say that bulky bladder leak products can erode their confidence and femininity, and 77% of women say wearing their current bladder leak underwear makes them feel older than they would like to feel2. An unsettling two out of three women say they have tried bladder control underwear in the past and avoid wearing them all together, even though they know they need to wear them2.

    Consider those confidence depleting concerns a thing of the past.

    Not only does Always Discreet Boutique offer protection, but it is so sleek and pretty which addresses the concerns of 88% of women who said they would wear bladder control underwear if it looked like their regular undies. Now, she can continue to wear her favorite skinny jeans and form-fitting dresses without worrying that she’ll have to give up her style to bulky and ugly undergarments.

    Always Discreet Boutique has a thin, unique core technology that quickly turns liquid to gel and makes the product less bulky than Depend Silhouette. I was able to see one of the Always Discreet Scientists pour an entire beaker’s worth of water onto the product and it was dry in seconds – the core is so thin, I thought, there’s no way that will hold all of that liquid, but it did! Unlike others in the category, Always Discreet Boutique has a non-woven waistband for optimal breathability to keep you comfortable all day, and comes in a lovely rosé shade with a feminine floral design accent.

    The brand continues to listen to the concerns of women in this category in that the black packaging is aesthetically pleasing so that she won’t be embarrassed to keep Always Discreet Boutique in her panty drawer- a feature that addresses the needs of 71% of women surveyed2.

    As a matter of fact, the black product packaging is cutting edge and features photographs of real women wearing Always Discreet Boutique Underwear along with a matching bra showing that it looks and feels like her regular underwear, and goes with her pretty bras she’s used to wearing.

    Always Discreet Boutique was designed with the inputs of real women who were frustrated with the current bladder leak underwear on the market. Now, she can have her confidence and chic back!

    Don’t just take my word for it, learn more about the product on and follow the #alwaysdiscreetboutique hashtag on social media.

    This is a sponsored post on behalf of Always Discreet Boutique. All opinions are my own.

    1Fem Care AI analysis – “Nielsen Homescan Panel ending March 2012 looking at Fem Care purchases in HH 50+ that have no teenagers at home.”

    2The Always Discreet Boutique Online Study was conducted by MSLGROUP Research and surveyed a total of 803 Americans. There was a nationally representative sample group of 803 females aged 18 and older. The survey was implemented between the dates of August 11, 2017 through August 16, 2017.





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