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  • How to create your own authentic B-Roll [Quick Tips Video]


    What the heck is b-roll and how to make it authentic to you?

    Yup, you hear about b-roll and have no idea of why it’s so important. B-roll are the takeaway shots that create a story and help your audience connect with your message, lifestyle, values. They are the images that speak for themselves without words.

    The easy solution is to just buy stock footage. BUT, not only does descent stock (not the creepy stock that looks like a bad insurance ad from 1988) cost a lot it does not represent you!

    Yeah, you.

    So how the heck can you tell YOUR story and not clip together a batch of inauthentic clips that may or may not look like the real you in a slice of life way?

    1. Location Scout- Start to look what’s in your neighborhood, your home, the little things that put a smile on your face. If they are places outside, I just snap them with my phone so I have a reference to go back to if I should have a videographer.
    2. Still Life or Person– Find a few things that represent you or the mood you want to create and arrange them in a pleasing way. If you are after people shots (or ones of you), take them in real situations so they aren’t posed and create a more reportage feel.
    3. Use your phone! Either stills or video, don’t be afraid to be snap happy… the more you snap, the bigger b-roll library you start to create. Don’t forget that you can mix stills into video for an interesting intro or outro.

    If you want authentic b-roll, the bottom line is to always keep you’re eyes open for the interesting details that tell a story without saying a word. If you should decide to find really good stock and mix it in, at least you’ll have the secret sauce to make it more authentic to you and your brand.

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